Woly Talon Plus Heel Support Select Size

Woly Talon Plus Heel Support Select Size

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18402 Talon Plus Size Xs 2-4 E35-37 1 £6.38
18405 Talon Plus Size 5-7 E38-40 1 £7.33


Woly Talon Heel Support Woly Talon Heel Support

Woly Talon Heel Support is a highly effective heel cushion wedge, used to absorb shock and increase comfort. Not only do they provide a great cushion, but they are also a great way of adjusting a poorly fitting shoe.

What Benefits Do Woly Talon Heel Support Offer?

Woly Talon Heel Support is made from a high-quality leather which is an excellent moisture absorber, meaning they are great for somebody who suffers from foot perspiration. The soft latex sole lifts the heels making for a great shock absorber and consequently relieving the joints and ligaments in the knees and legs of any strain. These Talon Heel Supports have a great grip and once in place, they are hardly noticeable. They’re very easy to add to the shoe, and also easy to remove and transfer to another pair of footwear if necessary.
- High quality naturally tanned breathable leather
- Cushioned for absorbing impact and shocks
- Excellent way to adjust poor fitting shoes
- Provides relief for ligaments and joints
- Secured in place once added to the shoe
- Can improve body posture

Why Should You Wear Woly Talon Heel Support?

Woly Talon Heel Supports are extremely dynamic, a great solution for raising your shoe, absorbing shocks and overall make any shoe more comfortable to wear by achieving a better fit.
- Unfitted shoes
- Uncomfortable shoes
- Lifting flat shoes to achieve a better posture and stress relieve from ligaments and joints 

- Comfort seeker
- Shock absorber

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