Woly Talon Heel Support Select Size

Woly Talon Heel Support Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
18302 Talon Heel Support Size Xs 2-4 E35-37 1 £6.50
18305 Talon Heel Support Size S 5-7 E38-40 1 £6.50
18307 Talon Heel Support Size M 7-9 E41-43 1 £6.50
183010 Talon Heel Support Size L 10-12 E44-46 1 £6.50


Woly Talon Plus Heel Support (Select Size)

Woly Talon Plus Heel Support creates extra cushioning for the heel, Stretching the calf muscle to reduce tightness that inflames the plantar fascia. The support heels will also help those with poorly fitting shoes, providing great comfort when walking or doing other daily activities. The materials used in the product allow it to be comfortable and very durable. The high quality vegetable tanned leather is an excellent absorption of moisture from the feet and the base of the heel is made of soft latex which lifts the heel and absorbs all shocks. 

Top Layer: High quality leather to absorb all moisture
Intermediate Layer: Memory latex for individual adaption to the heel for extreme comfort 


Who Should Wear Woly Talon Plus Heel Support?

Woly Talon Plus Heel Supports are a great addition to anyone's shoes who either don't fit correctly or just want more heel support in their shoes. Woly Talon Plus Heel Supports have been developed for a certain type of customer, however we have listed below some of the other benefits of these amazing heel supports:

- A shoe which is poorly fitted 

- Although the are designed for supporting those with poorly fitting heels, they can also lighten up the inside of any shoe. 
- Thinly insulated shoes

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