Woly Sport Leather Care

Woly Sport Leather Care


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Woly Sport Leather Care Black

Woly Sport Leather Care in black is a leather wax cream is a waterproofing polish which provides protection against moisture, dirt and stains. Selected waxes and oils keep the smooth leather of your sports, hiking, climbing and leather shoes supple and maintains breathability. The black colouring refreshes your shoes colour and helps to get them looking new again.

The benefits of using Woly Sport Leather care  

There are multiple benefits of using Woly Sport Leather care:

- Heavy duty waterproofing for all of your outdoor shoes
- Repels snow, mud, dirt, rain
- Refreshes and polishes the shoe, making it look fresher
- Prevents moulding stitching in shoes
- Helps to keep the shoes supple and maintains their breathability
- Sponge top application for easy use, no mess!

How to use Woly Sport Leather Care

- Always make sure product are applied to a clean shoe 
- For best results, squeeze a little product out of the bottle onto the built in sponge
- Use the sponge to apply the product to the clean shoe, in circular motions
- Leave the shoe to completely dry before wearing  
- Dependant on how often the shoes are worn, repeat application of the product to ensure the shoe is always protected

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