Woly Sport Hygienic Fresh 500ml

Woly Sport Hygienic Fresh 500ml


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Woly Sport Hygienic Fresh (500ml)

Woly Sport hygienic fresh is an in wash cleaner and anti bacterial product which is highly effective for getting rid of the nasty smells associated with sweat and bacterial that occur in sports clothes and those used for heavy activity.

The benefits of using Woly Sport Hygienic Fresh

There are some great benefits of using Woly Sport hygienic fresh:

- Thorough washing of your active wear
- Doesn't affect the breathability of your clothes, or their ability to keep out wind and water
- Prolongs the life of your sports clothes
- Suitable for all weather membranes
- Effective at low temperatures, and even for hand washing
- Removes the nasty smell that can sometimes be left in sportswear even after washing

How to use Woly Sports Hygienic Fresh 

- For best results, add 1 capful to your washing along with your usual detergent 
- No further rinsing needed compare to your regular wash cycles
- Use in every wash to keep your clothes always fresh 

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