Woly Sport Professional Care

Woly Sport Professional Care


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Woly Sport Professional Care (250ml Mousse) 

Woly Sport Professional care is a specialised foam which offers protection with extra care. Contains fluorine, it ensures that dirt and moisture do not stick to your sports equipment. Avocado oil ensure the material remains smooth and flexible whatever the weather! 

The benefits of using Sport Professional Care

Woly Sport Professional care has many benefits, some of which we have listed below:

- Contains Fluorine; this active ingredient actually prevents dirt and moisture from sticking to your sportswear and shoes
- Keeps your sporting equipment supple with avocado oil to prolong the life and wear ability
- Suitable for Gortex, Sympatex and softshell products as well as leathers and textiles
- Long lasting even in bad weather

How to apply Sport Professional Care

- Once the shoe has been cleaned thoroughly, you can then begin with Woly Sport Professional Care
- Shake the can before use, then spray onto a sponge or cloth and spread evenly over the clothing or apply to shoes with a shoe brush
- Wait for 30 minutes before using any treated equipment or shoes so the product can dry, however preferably leave until completely dry
- Continue to use this product over time particularly with highly used products 

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