Woly Shoe Shine Sponge

Woly Shoe Shine Sponge


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Shoe Shine Sponge Woly Shoe Shine Sponge

Woly Shoe Shine Sponge is a simple, easy to use sponge and will provide you with a long lasting, high shine for most leather and shoes of all colours. Perfect for on the go, simply put your shoe shine sponge in your handbag, glove box, or even office drawer for a quick fix of amazing shoe shine without the hassle!

The benefits of using a Shine Sponge:

There are many benefits of using Woly Instant Shine Sponge, some of which we have listed below:
- Simple, Quick and extremely easy to use
- Highly effective results
- Instant shine!
- Long lasting results
- Highly diverse - can be used on nearly all shoes
- Neutral colour so can be used on all coloured shoes

How to apply Woly Instant Shine :

- Using the Shine Sponge cannot be easier, simply take off the lid and gently glide over your chosen footwear. Immediate results!

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