Woly Pelotte T-form Select Size

Woly Pelotte T-form Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
18312 Pelotte T-Form Size 2-4 E34-37 1 £5.30
718313 Woly Pelotte T-Form Size 3-5 E35-38 1 £5.30
718316 Woly Pelotte T-Form Size 6-8 E39-42 1 £5.30
718319 Pelotte T-Form Size 9 -12 E43-46 1 £5.30


Woly logoWoly Pelotte - Foot Arch Support Insole

Woly is committed to giving the ultimate foot support and comfort.

The benefits of using Pelotte

The Woly Pelotte lifts the foot arch when you have flat feet, to increase wearer comfort.

How to apply Woly Pelotte

- Sticks in the shoe

MATERIALS: Leather, cushioning latex.


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