Woly Metal Shoe Horn 15cm

Woly Metal Shoe Horn 15cm


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Woly Metal Shoe Horn (15cm)

A simple, hard-wearing metal shoe horn to protect the heel of your shoe and prevent crinkling and creasing of the leather.

Leather is a very clever material... we all know how you have to 'wear in' new shoes to mould properly for maximum comfort. However, you need to make sure the leather moulds in the right way and adjusts to your foot correctly.
Shoe horns are the best way to preserve the shape and structure of the 'heel' of the shoe, keeping your shoes box-fresh for longer.  

Who should use a shoe horn?

Everyone, it only takes an extra few seconds to apply your shoes correctly with a shoe horn. If your shoes are a little bit too small, shoe horn's will aid your foot to slip into the shoe more comfortably which saves you from crumpling the back giving you more comfort and a better appearance long term.

Shoes which are polished can also become stiff and a tighter fit for the wearer. With a shoe horn, you can preserve life and stop the wrinkling of the leather, to help maintain its original appearance!

We have different sized shoe horns available here.

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