Woly Pure Fresh Insoles 6 Pairs In Each Pack Select Size

Woly Pure Fresh Insoles 6 Pairs In Each Pack Select Size


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718162 Pure Fresh Size 2/3 E35/36 1 £10.25
718164 Pure Fresh Size 4/5 E37/38 1 £10.25
718166 Pure Fresh Size 6/7 E39/40 1 £10.25
718167 Pure Fresh Size 7/8 E41/42 1 £10.25
718169 Pure Fresh Size 9/10 E43/44 1 £10.25
7181611 Pure Fresh Size 11/12 E45/46 1 £10.25


Woly Pure Fresh Insoles (6 Pack) Woly Pure Fresh Insole

Woly Pure Fresh insoles are very light and thin, these attributes making them the perfect choice for barefoot shoe wearing. Comprised of 4 separate layers, the insoles contribute to keeping shoe odour away while also offering great support and comfort.  
- Very comfortable, dermatologically tested layer 
- Fragrance capsules layer that preserves long-term freshness
- Super Absorber Polymer layer that absorbs bacteria and odour
- Strong grip material layer offering a secure footing and comfortable fit

What Benefits Do Woly Pure Fresh Insoles Offer?:

Woly Pure Fresh Insoles are specially designed to allow you to take control over your shoe smell. Foot odour and foot perspiration are always delicate matters, and you can get rid of the embarrassment and regain your confidence by using these Woly special insoles. The extra thin Woly Pure Fresh insoles can be a great improvement to your favourite footwear, it adds comfort and gives you peace of mind every time you take your shoes off.
- Available for any size
- Thin and discreet, fitting any shoe
- Long lasting fresh scent
- Multi-layered innovative technology for premium performance
- Available in multiple sizes
- Regain your confidence and never worry about the smell of your shoes again
- Highly durable

Who Should Wear Woly Pure Fresh Insoles?

Woly Pure Fresh Insoles are the perfect choice if you are looking for a solution to excessive foot perspiration and want to have a clean smelling pair of shoes. For maximum results, it's recommended to replace the insoles once a week (if worn daily) so you can enjoy the maximum performance and maintain constant freshness. These insoles are not recommended for day to day use unless replaced once 7 days.
When wearing Woly Pure Fresh Insoles, make sure you are inserting them into your shoes with the white side up.

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