Woly Microtemp Insoles Select Size

Woly Microtemp Insoles Select Size


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718123 Microtemp Size 3 E36 1 £10.95
718124 Microtemp Size 4 E37 1 £10.95
718125 Microtemp Size 5 E38 1 £10.95
718126 Microtemp Size 6 E39 1 £10.95
718127 Microtemp Size 7L E40 1 £10.95
7181277 Microtemp Size 7G E41 1 £10.95
718128 Microtemp Size 8 E42 1 £10.95
718129 Microtemp Size 9 E43 1 £10.95
7181210 Microtemp Size 10 E44 1 £10.95
7181211 Microtemp Size 11 E45 1 £10.95
7181212 Microtemp Size 12 E46 1 £10.95


Woly Microtemp Insole Woly Microtemp Insole

Microtemp Insoles from the German producer Woly are multi-layered insoles created to keep your feet warm and also reduce odour. All that while fitting perfectly in your favourite pair of shoes and adding to the comfort of wearing it. Woly Microtemp insoles integrate four different materials in order to achieve the optimum protection against cold and keep a fresh smell:
- Soft Microfiber fleece, the top layer in direct contact with your feet contributing to comfort and temperature regulation
- A special material layer which stores the temperature and releases it when needed
- Odour reducing layer comprised of integrated charcoal
- Aluminium layer that insolates the temperature inside the shoe

What Benefits Do Microtemp Insoles Offer?

These budget-friendly insoles allow you to forget about cold feet and odours.:
- Natural carbon absorbs bad smells to reduce odours
- Microfiber surface for a fresh/breathable feel
- Aluminium foil layer in order to insulate from the temperature outside the shoe
- Thin, soft and comfortable
- Prevents feet from sliding inside shoes
- Available in multiple sizes
- Excellent value
- Highly durable

Who Should Wear Woly Microtemp Insoles?

- Shoes that don't provide enough warmth for your feet
- Outdoor or heavy-duty boots who lack comfort and warmth
- Weak insulated shoes who do not retain heat
- Any other pair of shoes who could use an improvement when it comes to odour reducing,
comfort increasing and warmth retention

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