Woly Fun & Fresh Childs Select Size

Woly Fun & Fresh Childs Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
71801K7 Woly Fun & Fresh Childs Insole Size 6/7 E23/24 1 £5.10
71801K8.5 Fun & Fresh Childs Size 8/9 E25/26 1 £5.10
71801K10 Woly Fun & Fresh Childs Insole Size 10 E28 1 £5.10
71801K11 Woly Fun & Fresh Childs Size 11 E30 1 £5.10
71801K13 Woly Fun & Fresh Childs Insole Size 13 E32 1 £5.10


Woly Fun & Fresh Insoles

Woly Fun & Fresh Insoles are a soft cotton insole for comfort and breathability for a pleasant barefoot walking experience. Fun & Fresh are light, comfortable insoles made from a soft cotton on a specially perforated soft latex foam which enables breathability and effective air circulation to keep your feet fresh and cool at all times. 

What Benefits Do Woly Fun & Fresh Insoles Offer?

Fun & Fresh insoles give you a pleasant, barefoot walking experience with a comfortable cotton layer on a perforated cushion for optimum comfort and odour absorption.

- Soft Cotton layer for comfort
- Absorbs foot moisture leaving feet feeling fresh 
- 'Bare Foot' insole 
- Temperature control meaning shoes are maintained at a steady, comfortable temperature throughout the day 
- Dermatologically tested
- Child and Adult sizes available
- Latex foam for optimum cushioning

Who Should Wear Fun & Fresh Insoles?

Woly Fun & Fresh Insoles are not specifically designed for a certain individual. They are diverse as they can be used in any type of shoe, and for any age and size. They are perfect for assisting with poorly fitting shoes and are particularly great for:

- Comfortable unisex insole for all ages and shoes 
- Shoes which need a boost of freshness 
- Footwear which is in need of a new comfortable sole 
- Targets comfort and providing a fresh scent 
- Enables air circulation throughout the shoe, meaning feet feel fresh and well ventilated

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