Woly Memory Foam Insoles Select Size

Woly Memory Foam Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
718403 Memory Foam Size 3/4 E36/37 1 £16.01
718405 Memory Foam Size 5/6 E38/39 1 £16.01
718407 Memory Foam Size 7/7.5 E40/41 1 £16.01
718408 Memory Foam Size 8/9 E42/43 1 £16.01
7184010 Memory Foam Size 10/11 E44/45 1 £16.01


Woly Insoles; Memory Foam

Memory foam - Soft, light and flexible - Conforms to feet. Soft visco-elastic memory foam adapts to the shape of your foot. Breathable, hydrophilic top cloth for moisture transportation. Whit anti-slip gel to ensure good grip in the shoe. Made in china.

With 3 layers

 - Breathable hydrophilic top layer 

 - Soft visco-elastic memory foam

 - Antislip Gel

Easy To Use

Place the Memory foam in the shoe with the material side facing upwards.

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