Woly Astro Therm Insoles Select Size

Woly Astro Therm Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
18114 Astro Therm Size 4 E37 1 £5.38
18115 Astro Therm Size 5 E38 1 £5.38
18116 Astro Therm Size 6 E39 1 £5.38
18117 Astro Therm Size 7L E40 1 £5.38
181177 Astro Therm Size 7G E41 1 £5.38
18118 Astro Therm Size 8 E42 1 £5.38
18119 Astro Therm Size 9 E43 1 £5.38
181110 Astro Therm Size 10 E44 1 £5.38
181111 Astro Therm Size 11 E45 1 £5.38
181112 Astro Therm Size 12 E46 1 £5.38


Woly Astrotherm Insoles

Woly Astrotherm Insoles are an extra warm fleece insole, with an added aluminium layer for maximum protection against the cold. Astrotherm are made up of three layers for optimum results and comfort:

Top Layer: Soft Fleece with wool for warm and snug feet 
Intermediate Layer: Soft cushioned layer for added comfortability 
Bottom Layer: Aluminium bottom layer to retract the cold and keep shoes warm. 
They also have an anti-slip coating for firm support and stability within the shoes.

What Benefits Do Woly Astrotherm Insoles Offer?

Astrotherm insoles are a highly effective, warm insole and a great protector from the cold. They not only keep feet warm, but they also detract the cold weather meaning your feet are always at a comfortable temperature. Below we have listed some great benefits to these insoles:

- 3 individual layers which all work together for maximum results 
- Keep feet warm and snug, even in the coldest temperatures
- Brilliant for work boots which need insulation 
- Aluminium to detract the cold 
- Excellent value
- Highly durable

Who Should Wear Woly Astrotherm Insoles?

Woly Astrotherm insoles are the perfect insole to any poorly insulated shoes, or shoes which need extra warmth and comfort. These insoles are not specifically designed for a certain type of customer, however below we have listed the benefits which make the insoles versatile and appeal to a wider audience:

- Typically 'cold' shoes which require warmth and insulation 
- Outside and heavy duty boots which need comfort, as well as warmth 
- Thinly insulated shoes
- A shoe which is poorly fitted 
- Somebody who is looking for warmth and comfort

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