Woly Suede Clean Sponge Schwam

Woly Suede Clean Sponge Schwam


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Woly logo - Woly Universal Suede Clean Sponge - A REAL MUST have item - Suede, Nubuck, satin & Silk

Woly Suede Sponge is so versatile once bought you cannot be without.  Its a little dirt magnet and will prolong the life of any fine silk, satin, suede or Nubuck footwear.  The special composition of this sponge should sit in your most loved suede shoes it stops discolouration dead in its tracks.  If your shoes are protected with Woly protector 3x3 from new your shoes and this sponge can go everywhere in confidence.

The benefits of using Woly Suede Sponge

There are many benefits of using Woly Suede Sponge, some of which we have listed below:
- Removes dust particles with a simple wipe
- Extremely Versatile
- Small and easy to keep in handbag or car for on the go use!
- Easy to use and highly effective

How to use Woly Suede Sponge

- In small strokes, tease the dust off the surface, its a magnet for it.
- Use regularly
- Spray with protector 3x3.  If you do get a mark you will need the Woly Suede or gum block, suede brush or to replace colour loss liquid or spray.

Do not be afraid to buy suede shoes, they look beautiful and do not have to be a worry in the wardrobe.

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