Woly Anti Shock Plus 3d Insoles Select Size

Woly Anti Shock Plus 3d Insoles Select Size


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SP611113 Woly Anti Shock Plus 3D Insole Size 13 E47 1 £15.58
SP61115 Anti Shock Plus 3D Size 5 E38 1 £15.58


Woly Sport insoles; Anti Shock 3D 

Woly Sport Anti Shock Plus 3D is the insole for maximum performance and reduction in shock. With breathable microfiber offering excellent absorption of moisture from the foot. Anatomically shaped foam gives stability, taking pressure off the joints. This insole contains special inserts at the heel and ball of the foot; absorbing shock and giving a cushioning effect. Great to replace the insole in your sports shoes.

Who should wear Woly Sport Anti Shock 3D insoles?

Woly Sport Anti Shock 3D can be used for the following;

- To replace the removable insole from your sports shoes to provide extreme cushioning 
- Ideal insole for most sporting activities
- Arch and heel support to control motion while exercising 

Further Information 

- Microfiber upper with a thermally formed foam Footbed
- The insole is for sports shoes with removable insoles for most activities 

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