Shoe String Bristle Sneaker Cleaning Brush

Shoe String Bristle Sneaker Cleaning Brush


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Sneaker Shampoo Brush 


Synthetic Sneaker Brush With Ivory Bristles

8cm Beechwood sneaker brush with synthetic ivory bristles. Ideal for cleaning sneakers/trainers of all materials. The synthetic bristles will withstand even the most robust clean. In addition to this, the firmness of the bristle will penetrate deeply into textiles and are sided to lift out even the most ground-in dirt.

The benefits of using: 

- Highly effective quick clean
- Easy to use and brilliant for day to day use

- If an area has dry dirt which is quite stubborn, Brush the affected area with the sneaker brush to loosen the dirt, apply Woly Combi Clean to the area and allow to dry. Once sneaker has dried use the brush with a moderate pressure and brush in a circular motion to release the dirt

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