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Offer Price-silver Sport Fresh Step


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Silver Sport Fresh Step Silver Sport Fresh Step

Silver Sport Fresh Step is a spray deodorant for sports shoes. It contains silver ions which are proven to kill bacteria, so it doesn't just mask bad smells but eliminates them. Silver Sports Fresh leaves your shoes smelling fresh and clean, as well as keeping them hygienic after every wear.

The benefits of using Silver Sport Fresh Step:

Silver Sport Fresh Step has many benefits, some of which we have listed below:
- Keeps your sports shoes hygienic by killing off bacteria associated with sweaty feet and dirt
- A fresh smell means no more smelly trainers and sports shoes
- Long lasting coverage that even prevents new odours forming
- Can also be used on textiles, great for use in helmets

How to apply Silver Sport Fresh Step:

- Spray into clean shoes and leave to dry
- Reapply as needed to keep shoes fresh at all times

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