Shoe String Protector 75ml

Shoe String Protector 75ml


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ShoeString Protector Spray (75ml)

Shoe String Waterproof Protector 75ml is an easy to use spray which repels water, mud, and oil. If you buy a pair of shoes, the disappointment you feel when you head out in the rain and they start to leak, or start to get muddy can now be avoided. The spray also prevents your shoes from more unusual damages, such as sun damage.

The benefits of using ShoeString protector spray:  

- Simple Spray formula for easy application
- Prevents water damage/oil penetration/dirt/spillages from damaging your shoes
- Prevents sun damage and fading of the leather

How to apply ShoeString protector spray

- Shoe String protector spray can be used on all materials
- Simply hold the can 15cm from the material and spray
- Leave to dry, then you are free to enjoy the rain!

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