Shoe String Flip Flop Cleaners 150ml

Shoe String Flip Flop Cleaners 150ml


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Cleaner is an outstanding cleaning mousse for all leathers, synthetics and textiles. Cleans soles and upper effectively removes dirt, salt, water and other stains from all materials without affecting the original character or appearance. An easy to use mousse, the addition to the formula of protector helps stop them getting dirty again.

The benefits of using Flip Flop Cleaner

Unique formula allows for a thorough clean on all materials. Below we have listed further benefits:
- Unique formula with highly effective cleaning abilities
- Mousse lifts dirt and removes
- Refreshes original colour by removing dirt 
- Easy to apply thanks to the consistency
- Quick and Easy

How to apply Flip Flop Cleaner

- Shake and spray the mousse directly onto cloth. 
- In light strokes, brush the product with the cloth onto the desired area and watch the dirt lift and remove!
- The shoe will become slightly wet and cause the colour to darken - do not worry as when it dries this will go.
- Reapply as necessary 


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