Shoe String Shoe Labels Pack Of 6

Shoe String Shoe Labels Pack Of 6


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Shoe-String Shoe Labels 

Shoe-String shoe labels are a great product for preventing shoe mix ups at school, on trips or at sports events. They come in a pack of 6 pairs to cover all of your kids shoes, no ironing or sewing necessary; the easiest way to label your kids shoes.

These durable, long lasting, self-adhesive labels are so simple to use:

1. Simply write the childs name on the space provided on each label

2. Peel back the protective cover

3. peel whole label off the back sheet

4. Postion and stick in heel of shoe






Who can use ShoeString shoe labels 

ShoeString shoe labels can be used for the following;

- Label school shoes so they are never confused with those of other students
- Labelling sports or PE shoes, no more going home with the wrong shoes after sports 
- Quick and easy to stick in when new shoes are purchased, doesn't need sewing in or ironing
- Great for kids who have multiple pairs of shoes for different activities in school or after school; no more mix ups 


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