Shoe String Insoles Leather Half Sole

Shoe String Insoles Leather Half Sole


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619L SS Insoles Leather Half Assorted Skin Sole Large 1 £5.00
619M Leather Half Sole Medium 1 £5.00
619S Leather Half Sole Small 1 £5.00


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Basic economy leather. Shoe-String Leather half insoles are a leather half insole for your shoes, perfect for cushioning the front of the foot and stopping the foot splitting forward in the shoe. The insoles can be trimmed for the perfect fit. Thin and flexible these insoles can be replaced when worn to protect the sole of your shoe.

Who should wear Shoe-String leather half insoles 

Shoe-String leather half insoles can be used for the following;

- Cushion the toes and front of the foot for improved comfort 
- Take a little bit of excess space out of the shoe for that perfect fit
- Add on top of the insole in your shoe to give a little more cushioning 
- Stop the foot slipping forward particularly in heeled shoes 

Further Information 

- Made of 100% real leather 
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