Worksite Insoles Gel Insole

Worksite Insoles Gel Insole


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W618L Worksite Insoles Gel Insole Large 8-12 1 £9.25
W618S Worksite Insoles Gel Insole Small/ Medium 4-8 1 £9.25


Worksite Gel Ultra: Gel Insoles for Work Boots

Worksite gel ultra-insoles are a high-quality gel insole for your shoes or work boots. Anatomically designed to evenly distribute pressure and absorb shock, offering superior relief to your joints and ligaments. Our worksite products are premium heavy-duty products specifically designed to withstand wear and tear.

Shock absorbing:

Worksite Gel Insoles are perfect for those people who are on their feet for extended periods of time. Gel is a great shock absorber; this prevents stress from being transferred to legs and joints through regular activities such as walking or running. This in turn noticeably reduces back strain.

Extra Comfort:

Worksite Gel Ultra insoles are purposely designed to maximise comfort. The gel is sort providing exquisite comfort, the honeycomb structure throughout the insole provide a massaging effect and help circulate air around the shoe. Finally, the insole is finished with a velour sock which is soft and warming.

How to use Shoestring gel ultra-insole:

The insoles are a cut to fit and so they have a stencil on the back of the insoles. Simply trim to size following the guide. Once trimmed insert the insole into your chosen footwear gel side down. Insert your hand into the shoe and feel to ensure that the insole is sitting flush with the toe of the shoe. Ensure that the heel of the insole is sitting flush with the rear of the shoe.
If the insole is slightly larger than your shoe size you may have a small amount of excess, simply trim as required.

Who should wear Worksite Gel Ultra insoles:

Worksite Gel Ultra can be used for the following;
- Cushion the toes and heel, absorbing impact, for improved comfort
- Take a little bit of excess space out of the shoe for that perfect fit
- Add on top of the insole in your shoe to give a little more cushioning

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