Shoe String Insoles Cork

Shoe String Insoles Cork


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
6113 Cork Size 3 1 £2.90
6114 Cork Size 4 1 £2.90
6115 Cork Size 5 1 £2.90
6116 Cork Size 6 Ladies 1 £2.90
6117 Cork Size 7 Ladies 1 £2.90
6117M SS Insoles Cork Size 7 Gents 1 £2.90
6118 Cork Size 8 Gents 1 £2.90
6118LL SS Insoles Cork Size 8 Ladies 1 £2.90
6119 Cork Size 9 1 £2.90
61110 Cork Size 10 1 £2.90
61111 Cork Size 11 1 £2.90
61112 Cork Size 12 1 £2.90


ShoeString Cork Insoles

Our cork insoles are one of our most eco-friendly designs. They're dual-layered, made from cork and latex. The cork material is naturally breathable increasing airflow.

For those on their feet for an extended period of time, Cork insoles are cushioned and offer a natural form of relief. Natural elasticity means that less impact is transferred to the feet and joints.

In addition to the above our cork insoles have a latex sole with a natural cork and latex sock giving your footwear added support. The cork also absorbs moisture helping keep you comfortable whilst on the go.

How to fit ShoeString insoles:

Our insoles come with printed cut lines, sizes ranging from ladies UK size 3 (EU 36) to men's UK size 11 (EU 45),  meaning that one pair can easily be trimmed to fit most adult sizes.

Insert the insole into your chosen footwear, insert your hand into the shoe and feel to ensure that the insole is sitting flush with the toe and heel of the shoe.

If the insole is slightly larger than your shoe size you may have a small amount of excess if this is the case simply trim a little extra until it fits.


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