Shoe String Insoles Cool Fresh

Shoe String Insoles Cool Fresh


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
6063 Cool Fresh Size 3 1 £2.75
6064 Cool Fresh Size 4 1 £2.75
6065 Cool Fresh Size 5 1 £2.75
6066 Cool Fresh Size 6 1 £2.75
60677 Cool Fresh Size 7 Gents 1 £2.75
6067 Cool Fresh Size 7 Ladies 1 £2.75
60688 Cool Fresh Size 8 Gents 1 £2.75
6068 Cool Fresh Size 8 Ladies 1 £2.75
6069 Cool Fresh Size 9 1 £2.75
60610 Cool Fresh Size 10 1 £2.75
60611 Cool Fresh Size 11 1 £2.75
60612 Cool Fresh Size 12 1 £2.75
60613 Cool Fresh Size 13 1 £2.75
60699 Shoe String Insoles Cool Fresh cut to size 1 £2.75


ShoeString Cool Fresh Insoles 


These ShoeString cool fresh insoles are for everyday use, made of latex with a cotton top layer. Each insole has holes for air circulation within the shoe helping to minimise moisture on the foot. The latex material is designed to aid comfort, adding cushioning for those on their feet all day. 

These insoles are a great way to take up extra room within the shoe when a half size isn't available to help prevent your feet from slipping within the shoe.

We recommend changing your insoles every couple of months as the insoles will wear away over time depending on the frequency of wearing them. 

How to fit ShoeString Insoles:

Our comfort insoles for shoes come with printed cut lines, sizes ranging from ladies UK size 3 (EU 36) to men's UK size 11 (EU 45),  meaning that one pair can easily be trimmed to fit most adult sizes.

Insert the insole into your chosen footwear, insert your hand into the shoe and feel to ensure that the insole is sitting flush with the toe and heel of the shoe.

If the insole is slightly larger than your shoe size you may have a small amount of excess if this is the case simply trim a little extra until it fits.

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