Shoe String Cut To Size Insoles Childs Animal Print

Shoe String Cut To Size Insoles Childs Animal Print


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Child's Animal Print Insoles (Cut to Size)

Comfort insoles for shoes by Shoestring are dual-layered, made from latex and rayon in a pale blue colour. These insoles are perforated therefore increasing airflow, and scented to keep your shoes fresh.

If your child's shoes are slightly too big or narrow, then adding a pair of our Shoestring cool fresh insoles might be just the ticket. Insoles can help reduce your shoes by up to half a size. Making our insoles the perfect fix for shoes that are slightly too big.

For those on their feet for an extended period of time, our cool fresh insoles are cushioned and offer a degree of relief. Natural elasticity means that less impact is transferred to the feet and joints.

In addition to the above Shoestring comfort insoles for shoes have a latex sole with a Rayon fibre sock giving your footwear added comfort. Our Cool fresh also absorb moisture helping keep you comfortable whilst on the go.

How to use Shoestring Cool Fresh Insoles:

Insert the insole into your chosen footwear, insert your hand into the shoe and feel to ensure that the insole is sitting flush with the toe of the shoe. Ensure that the heel of the insole is sitting flush with the rear of the shoe.

    • If the insole is slightly larger than your shoe size you may have a small amount of excess, if this is the case using a marker pen, push the nib into the crease to show you where to trim.

Shoe-String cool fresh insoles can be used for the following;

- Cushion the toes and heel, absorbing impact, for improved comfort
- Take a little bit of excess space out of the shoe for that perfect fit
- Add on top of the insole in your shoe to give a little more cushioning
- Stop the foot slipping forward particularly in heeled shoes

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