Shoe String Black Heel Grips Pair

Shoe String Black Heel Grips Pair


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6920bl Shoe String Black Heel grips Pair 1 £4.20


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Don't let sore or blistered heels cut your shopping day short! Shop 'til you drop and eliminate the burning heel pain associated with walking long distances and stop your shoes from slipping off constantly. Made from Black Suede for ultimate comfort. 

Who should wear Shoe String Black Suede Heel Grips 

Shoe String Heel Grips can be used for the following;

- Put in the back of shoes that can rub at the heel, or slip off when walking
- Great for high heels which are more likely to slip than flat shoes
- Provides a barrier against existing sore spots on the heel 
- Black Suede soothes the heel and gives ultimate comfort from burning or blistering 
- Pliable to ensure they move with you rather than against you 

Further Information 

- Made of soft Black Suede for excess comfort 
- Suitable for flat or heeled shoes

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