Heute Poliswing Shoe Shine Machine

Heute Poliswing Shoe Shine Machine


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Heute Polish machines are made to order just for you, allow 10 days for delivery to your door.  German high quality engineering with a 3 year guarantee giving you the very best long lasting machinery.

Polishing leather in the easiest quickest way, Ladies, Gents and children's shoes, simply remove dirt particles with the bristle brush, apply shoe cream use the bristle brush again to spread and adhere to the leather and finally buff to a high shine with the soft horse hair polishing brush.  We supply either neutral or black cream for use in the machines.  

A polish machine in your home, hotel, office or club with personal styling is a welcome addition for any shoe wearer.

Our model PoliSwing bears its name with good reason. Its curved silhouette and the dynamic lines will turn this machine into a cult object of any interior design. The striking back made from polished perforated metal combines sturdy material with ultramodern design and creates a unique eye-catcher. In addition to that this design provides a secure and ergonomic hold to its user and protects walls from being touched and stained with fingerprints. Excellent stainless steel workmanship and high-performance finish melt together to a design object, which is unrivalled and particularly impressive in wide rooms. Case: stainless steel brushed Dimension: 57cm x 40cm x 91cm width x depth x height Weight: 47kg net, 50kg gros Brushes: 2 polishing brushes 1 pre-cleaning brush

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