Heute Polifix 2 Brushed Stainless Steel - Free Shoe Cream

Heute Polifix 2 Brushed Stainless Steel - Free Shoe Cream

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Polifix 2 Shoe Shine Machine - Now also comes with lighting!

Heute Polish machines are made to order just for you, allow 10 days for delivery to your door.  German high quality engineering with a 3 year guarantee giving you the very best long lasting machinery.

Polishing leather in the easiest quickest way, Ladies, Gents and children's shoes, simply remove dirt particles with the bristle brush, apply shoe cream use the bristle brush again to spread and adhere to the leather and finally buff to a high shine with the soft horse hair polishing brush.  We supply either neutral or black cream for use in the machines.  

A polish machine in your home, hotel, office or club with personal styling is a welcome addition for any shoe wearer.

Heute Polifix 2 is an impressive and extremely durable Shoe Shine Machine guaranteed to withstand long term use. The ergonomic steel handle bar means a secure hold for the user and the honeycombed rubber matt allows for easy cleaning and effective polishing thanks to the double brush.


Width: 56cm
Depth: 31cm
Height: 94cm

More colours available! For more information regarding any Heute Shoe Shine Machines, enquire at sales@shoestringuk.com or please call 01858 467467 to talk to our Heute Team.

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