Heute Elegance Couleur Shoe Shine Machine

Heute Elegance Couleur Shoe Shine Machine


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SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
298800 Heute Elegance Nature Shoe Shine Machine In Dark Walnut 1 £1,206.00
ERAL9005 Heute Elegance Couleur Black - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,206.00
ERAL3004 Heute Elegance Couleur Claret - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,206.00
ERAL7022 Heute Elegance Couleur Graphite - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,206.00
ERAL702RAL Heute Elegance Couleur Select Ral Colour Of Your Choice - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,206.00
ERAL9006 Heute Elegance Couleur Silver - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,206.00
ERAL9V2A Heute Elegance Couleur Stainless Steel - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,206.00


 Elegance Couleur Shoe Shine Machine

Whether lithe and lissom or short and compact, these house servants perform their work discreetly in the background. With colours to match surrounding décor and an elegantly pleasing shape, they fit in to interior design styles of all shapes and sizes. Experience a perfect finish for shoes and interior design. This machine is made as a compact design or with the ”plus” of an ergonomic handle.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 50 cm x 30 cm x 36 cm (w x d x h)
Housing: Stainless steel (V2A) / Steel (coated)
Weight: 16 kg net, 18 kg gross
Features: Horsehair pre-cleaning brush
Pre-cleaning brush ø 13 cm
2 Polishing brushes ø 13 cm
Polish dispenser 0.75 litres (The polish is not included)
Starter: Foot sensor with timer
Power supply: 230 Volt (110 Volt optional)
Motor: 130 Watt / 1.200 R/min


For more information regarding any Heute Shoe Shine Machines, please call our office to talk to our Heute Team. Also NOTE, Carriage may vary depending on the machine and country of origin please enquire. Call: 01858467467 or email: sales@shoestringuk.com

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