Black Cord Round Laces

Black Cord Round Laces


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560012 Black Cord 60cm 1 £3.50
575012 Black Cord 75cm 1 £3.50
590012 Black Cord 90cm 1 £3.50
500012 Black Cord 100cm 1 £3.50
512012 Black Cord 120cm 1 £3.50
540012 Black Cord 140cm 1 £3.50
550012 Black Cord 150cm 1 £3.50
580012 Black Cord 180cm 1 £3.50
522012 Black Cord 220cm 1 £3.50


Every lace is a pair.

Round Brown Cord Laces - 5mm 

Our High-Quality Cord Shoelaces are made from a cotton Mix. This makes the laces strong. The wax helps to prevent deterioration of the lace caused by environmental factors such as rain or snow. The Composition of Shoe String Cord laces means that they have a matt finish, unlike polyester or nylon laces which are shiny.

Round cord laces can be used in many ways - from everyday shoes to more robust shoes - check out the size guide to find the correct length for you. They are available in many different colours and are in a range of lengths.

  • - slightly thicker, round shoelaces

  • - unicolored

  • - different colours and lengths


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Protect: Use protector sprays to protect them from grease, dirt and water


Shoe Lace Size Guide

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