Shoe Clips Plaid Bow

Shoe Clips Plaid Bow


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Plaid Bow Shoe Clip

Express your individuality and style by creating your unique fashion statement, with our universal, diverse Shoe Clips. Whether it be a timeless classic diamond, or a chic textured bow - with over 40 styles to choose from, there is a shoe clip for everybody.

Who can wear Shoe Clips, and where do you put them?

Shoe Clips are diverse and unique to the wearer. They can be used on nearly all footwear types, such as heels, sandals, plimsolls and ballet shoes. They have a simple, clasp style fastening which is secure yet unnoticeable, meaning your comfort is not jeopardised and the shoe is not marked. 

Dependant on your desired look, they can be worn on the toe of the shoe, the side, or the back, to completely transform your footwear's overall appearance. Great for special occasion wear, these Shoe Clips are innovative and a cost-effective way to reintroduce style to your plain shoes. Also, a great reassurance that you wont turn up to an event wearing the same shoes as somebody else!

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