Shoe Bag Black (330mm x 400mm)

Shoe Bag Black (330mm x 400mm)


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Shoe bags are a great way to keep your footwear away for everything else when you travel. From keeping your favourite luxury shoes free from damage, to stopping your filthy running shoes from dirtying your clothes or car they are great for every situation. 

Who should use a Shoe Bag?

Everyone and anyone with a pair of shoes can use a shoe bag, perfect for running shoes, dress shoes or any other type of footwear you travel with.

Shoe bags keep your footwear separate from all of your other packing; shoe polish can't get on your clothes or car and anything you pack will be prevented from scratching or scuffing your shoes.

Shoe bags are also a great idea for storing shoes at home; hang them in your wardrobe or on the back of doors by the drawstring for a convenient and tidy way to store your footwear without taking up vital floor or cupboard space. 

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