Leather Cleaning And Nourishing Wipes

Leather Cleaning And Nourishing Wipes


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ShoeString Leather Care and Clean Wipes 20pack

Shoe String Leather Wipes are an easy to use clean and wax polishyour weather items,. Get your shoes, furniture, jackets and bags looking good as new again with our cleaning wipes made with Brazilian Carnuba Wax. 

The benefits of using ShoeString Leather Wipes:  

- Simple wipe for easy use
- Repels water damage/oil penetration/dirt/spillages from damaging your items
- Cleans and shines all leathers and synthetics quickly, on the go

How to use ShoeString Leather Wipes

- Shoe String leather wipes can be used on all leather and synthetic leather
- Simply wipe over item that needs to be cleaned
- Buff to a shine as the wipe dries

- Do not use on suede, nubuck or fabric


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