Famaco Vel Vel Suede Shampoo With Brush 100 Ml

Famaco Vel Vel Suede Shampoo With Brush 100 Ml


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logo- Famaco Vel Vel for Suede and Nubuck

Famaco Vel Vel is a highly effective cleaning shampoo, complete with applicator brush. Famaco Vel Vel effectively cleans stains and marks from suede and Nubuck, whilst restoring the original colour. If you want to recapture the box fresh feel to your favourite pair of shoes, this is the product for you. It is simple (as well as very satisfying!) to apply, and your shoes are left fresh, clean, and restored.

Instructions: Apply Vel Vel evenly to the shoe, using the brush included. There is no need to use much of this product as a little goes a long way, so be careful to not overuse. Using small circular movements with the brush, a light lather should form - paying particular attention to stains and marks. With a damp cloth, gently wipe over the shoe to remove any residue. Finish with Famaco Protector for maximum protection.


Famaco Heritage ;

Famaco has an impeccable heritage, a family run shoe care manufacturer with over 8 decades of experience.  The factory is based in the Paris suburb of Châtillon, manufacturing since to 1931, the company is now run by brother and sister Audrey and Bruno who after giving up successful careers to take over the business from their father in 2014.

Raviv Cuir. “This is one of our bestselling products,” Audrey says. “We have been making it since the 1970s, people love it.”

A powerful but perfectly agreeable unique to Famaco smell of beeswax mixed with a low dose of solvents lingers in the air throughout the factory and warehouse. Famaco’s head of development, Vlassis Emmanouil, enthuses an air of triumph with every batch made.

Victor de Banke are proud to have been appointed the sole distribution partners for Famaco products in the UK and Ireland and aim to give a first class service for a first class product. Famaco is presently sold to over 20 Countries through all 5 Continents.

FAMACO is growing in recognition as the best leather wax throughout the World.




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