Famaco Tin Polish 100ml

Famaco Tin Polish 100ml


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F1421022 Famaco Brown Medium Tin Polish 100ml 1 £8.99
F1421037 Famaco Brown Dark Tin Polish 100ml ~ 1 £8.99
F1421046 Famaco Burgundy, plum, Oxblood Tin Polish 100ml 1 £8.99
F1421099 Famaco Neutral Tin Polish 100ml 1 £8.99
F1421000 Famaco Black Tin Polish 100ml 1 £8.99


Famaco Shoe Polish 100ml 

Famaco Polish is a highly effective Neutral Shoe Polish with Carnauba Wax to create a long-lasting, excellent shine on your favourite leather shoes or boots. It is the ideal product to restore faded leather on your favourite footwear, and with the number of shades and colours available, you will be sure to find your perfect polish.


Famaco has designed its shoe polish with a unique, deluxe formula, in a variety of shades and hues. Famaco's Shoe Polish does not only restore the colour and add the ultimate shine, but it also conditions the leather making it softer for longer.  

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