How to clean sneakers with our new range of Famaco products

We’ve recently received the new range of Famaco sneaker cleaning and care products.

What we’ve got…


. Shampoo

. Waterproofer

.Shoe deo

. White express


Here’s a video of how we’ve used some of the sneaker cleaning products and below detailed photos of the products and how to use them, plus link to our shop where you can purchase.



Shampoo – the perfect product for removing mud, grit, salt, oil and general muck from your sneakers. The bottle is 200ml and has soft bristles to work into your shoe and lift the dirt. This product is perfect for absolutely any sneaker (leather, suede, mesh, quite literally any type!). Buy online 

. Sneaker white – ah, this is one of our favourite products! It’s a fantastic white gel that is perfect for leather, suede, mesh etc. You simply paint it on your shoe with the attached applicator sponge. No mess for getting shoes perfectly white again. Buy online

. Waterproofer – 3 sprays of this to winter proof your shoes. Walking through puddles and walking on mud previously soaked into the material, but this product is fantastic at creating a barrier between your shoes, keeping them looking fresh for longer. It also makes cleaning 10x easier as the dirt doesn’t soak in. Buy online

. Deo fresh – quite a simple product, spray it in your sneakers to remove any odours. It works by killing bacteria and adding a fresh scented layer. We recommend spraying your sneakers once a week! Buy online 

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