waterproofing 101

How to waterproof leather shoes boots and trainers

We’ve created a short video showing you how to waterproof and protect your leather shoes! Preparing your shoes for winter has always been a task. Protecting them from salt, water, general dirt and grit causes the leather to break down and age significantly. Leather is a natural product so needs to be cared for properly. The product we used was Woly 3×3 spray protector  which is available to purchase from our store. Please feel free to check out our Youtube channel as we have many videos… Read more »

How To Restore Suede Shoes With Woly Suede Renovator

One of the biggest problems with suede is that it fades as it ages and when exposed, leaving it looking tired and old. Fortunately, thanks to some fantastic products by… Read more »

How to SELL the Woly 3×3 Protector!

All you need to know about WOLY 3×3 PROTECTOR This blog post is a quick guide which will teach you all you need to know about Woly’s top selling product;… Read more »