Sneaker Trim And Leather Dye Cream

Sneaker Trim And Leather Dye Cream


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F13009385DUPDUP Dye Cream Pink Mottuiti 1 £7.20 Sorry, out of stock
F13009341DUPDUP Dye Cream Dauphine 1 £7.20
F13009365DUPDUP Dye Cream Pink Baby 1 £7.20
F13009379DUPDUP Dye Cream Beige Colonial 1 £7.20
F13009382DUPDUP Dye Cream Blue Turquoise 1 £7.20
F13009390DUPDUP Dye Cream Beige Clair 1 £7.20
F13009398DUPDUP Famaco furniture Leather Dye Cream White 1 £7.20
F13009311DUPDUP Dye Cream Grey Light 1 £7.20
F13009329DUPDUP Dye Cream Beige Champagne 1 £7.20
F13009361DUPDUP Orange Famaco Dye Cream Renovator 1 £7.20
F13009352DUPDUP Dye Cream Blue Sky 1 £7.20
F13009321DUPDUP Dye Cream Brown London Fonce 1 £7.20
F13009503DUPDUP Dye Cream Pink Vieux 1 £7.20
F13009338DUPDUP Dye Cream Beige Biscotte 1 £7.20
F13009320DUPDUP Dye Cream Brown 1 £7.20
F13009322DUPDUP Dye Cream Brown Havane 1 £7.20
F13009331DUPDUP Dye Cream Brown London Clair 1 £7.20
F13009337DUPDUP Dye Cream Brown Marron Fonce 1 £7.20
F13009358DUPDUP Dye Cream Blue Lavander 1 £7.20
F13009350DUPDUP Dye Cream Pink Rose 1 £7.20
F13009304DUPDUP Dye Cream Green Pine 1 £7.20
F13009315DUPDUP Dye Cream Tan Dark 1 £7.20
F13009300DUPDUP Dye Cream Black 1 £7.20
F13009306DUPDUP Dye Cream Natural Polaire 1 £7.20
F13009307DUPDUP Dye Cream Beige 1 £7.20
F13009309DUPDUP Dye Cream Grey Dark 1 £7.20
F13009310DUPDUP Dye Cream Beige Naturel 1 £7.20
F13009313DUPDUP Dye Cream Orange Mandarine 1 £7.20
F13009314DUPDUP Dye Cream Red Rouge 1 £7.20
F13009317DUPDUP Dye Cream Blue Fonce 1 £7.20
F13009346DUPDUP Dye Cream Bordeaux 1 £7.20
F13009319DUPDUP Dye Cream Red Rubis 1 £7.20
F13009326DUPDUP Dye Cream Sable 1 £7.20
F13009327DUPDUP Dye Cream Red Rouge 1 £7.20
F13009328DUPDUP Dye Cream Pink Azalee 1 £7.20
F13009333DUPDUP Dye Cream Green Khaki 1 £7.20
F13009334DUPDUP Dye Cream Pink Lady 1 £7.20
F13009308DUPDUP Dye Cream Yellow 1 £7.20
F13009345DUPDUP Dye Cream Blue Marine 1 £7.20
F13009360DUPDUP Dye Cream Grey Anthracite 1 £7.20


Famaco Sneaker Dye Cream Renovator

Mix and match to renovate or change the colour of leather and synthetic leather – this little cream pot is unique magic, it covers by building the layers but un-like other products there is no colour transfer, once dried it cures and you can even sit on it with white trousers. Our Leather Dye Cream is flexible, long lasting and has great coverage!

·         Excellent Coverage: white dye cream can even colour black leather.

·         Extremely Flexible: it will never crack, flake or peel.

·         Any Colour: 42 standard colours to choose from, plus we’ll match any other colour for you

·         Any design: the designs you create on leather are only limited by your skill and imagination

·         Dye Creams are also available in dye paint which can be sprayed on leather.

·         Creams can be blended to create specific colour matches

·         15ml pots – a small amount goes a long way - one pot transforms one small arm chair or car seat.

·         Safely dries to give a 100% non-colour transfer un-like polish which needs complete buffing

Fully clean the surface and remove all dirt with our Universal Cleaner prior to dye cream application to ensure the cream fully bonds with the leather surface.

Our Leather Dye Cream is a thick consistency used for recolouring all leathers. Our Leather Dye Cream will bend and flex with every crease and fold in the leather.

Leather cream is primarily for recolouring leather items, should you wish to restore colour, re-colour or repair colour loss or damage to leather.

Leather Dye Cream can be used on any leather item including; Furniture & upholstery, shoes, sneakers & all other footwear, handbags, car interiors, motorbike leathers, clothing!

Leather Dye Cream will last for years if kept in a cool, dry place with the lid firmly attached. Do not allow this product to freeze. Leather paint will dry out if left with the lid unfastened for long periods.

The leather dye cream dries and does not need polishing or buffing. Once dried there is no colour transfer! 

How to apply Famaco Dye Cream

- Choose your leather object/furniture which you wish to renovate, and pick the closest colour match from our Famaco Colour Chart
- Clean the furniture using a Famaco Cleaner, making sure all dirt, dust and mud has been removed
- With a Famaco Cloth, Dauber Brush, or Paintbrush, apply a SMALL amount of product to an inconspicuous area of the shoe to make sure the colour is a good match
- Once happy with the colour - In small circular motions (Dependant on your applicator) apply the cream. You will see the pigment immediately. 
- Leave to dry before applying another coat
- If needed, reapply another layer of the dye cream until you are satisfied with the coverage 
- After the cream has dried, buff with a polishing cloth to a high, optimum shine! (We have found that lighter strokes make for a quicker result)

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