Restoring Suede Sneakers

Restoring Suede Sneakers

Restoring suede sneakers: In this blog we are going to share with your useful tips for restoring your suede sneakers. Try this method on other suede product be it a shoes, boots or even your handbag. The whole cleaning process will take approximately 1 and a half hours. I assure you the finished product is well worth the effort. Your favourite sneakers never looked so good. In addition to looking good it will also save you great deal of money.  Woly suede brushShoestring sneaker brushWoly combi cleanerWoly suede veloursWoly white liquidWoly universal cleaner and Woly 3×3 protector spray.


Remove the existing shoe laces from your shoes (we threw ours in the bin and replaced them with Shoestring Gold Lurex Flat laces). By taking out the shoelaces you can reach all the nooks and crannies and ensure the products evenly cover the entirety of the shoe.

Before applying any product recommend cleaning your shoes first to get the best results.

Using the handle of the Woly suede brush remove large chunks of muck from the groves in the sole of your shoes. Then dip a stiff bristled Shoestring sneaker brush in to some warm soapy water, then moving in small circular motions move across the soles of your sneakers to clean them and remove the remaining dirt.

Take the Woly suede brush move in circular motions across the upper of the shoe using the plastic and brass bristles this will release any ground in dirt and loosen any embedded dust or dirt. Make sure you get in to all the little creases and holes and rub down the foam area of the sole.


Take Woly Combi Cleaner and the Woly combi sponge and apply the cleaner directly to the sponge. Woly combi cleaner is a mousse the lifts dirt from deep within the material. Rub the cleaning foam over the entire upper of your sneakers using the Woly Combi Sponge. Ensure to clean the foam area of the sneaker. You will need to leave for 30 minutes. For particularly heavily soiled shoes you may need to repeat this process and allow to dry for an additional 30 minutes. 


Suede is colour fast.Therefore Suede will fade from prolonged wear. Woly Suede Velour liquid designed to restore the colour of all suede products. A  cleverly designed bottle, with a sponge applicator positioned at the head of the bottle therefore allowing for easy application.

We need to restore the colour of our suede sneakers, we have matched the sneakers to the Woly suede velour’s liquid in the colour ocean. To get the best finish, we have covered some areas of the shoe that we do not want to be recoloured. Masking tape if best for covering these areas of the shoe. We have covered the foam area of the sole, and the logo as these are white. In addition to this we have inserted a Woly cedar wood shoe tree. A shoe tree will ensure that the upper remains taught, meaning you will be able to reach all areas of the upper. 

Applying a light pressure to the bottle move in small circular motions over the entire area you are restoring, (small circular motions agitate the suede preventing it from laying flat and coat all sides of the suede for even coverage). Move over the entire upper, be sure to apply an even amount of product to give an even finish. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes. Once dry restore the nap of the suede buy rubbing gently with the rubber side of the suede brush.

Repeat this process as necessary.


Use Woly Universal cleaner is a cleaning liquid on all materials, Similarly, Like the suede velour’s liquid comes in an easy to use bottle with a sponge applicator. The applicator on the Woly universal cleaner come with a rough plastic scourer at the end to remove stubborn stains, but it is gentle enough so not scratch or scuff even the most delicate of materials.

Once dry remove the masking tape from the covered areas. We used Woly universal cleaner to clean these areas as they are white. We followed this with Woly White Liquid restore the colour and therefore brighten the areas.

Woly White Liquid is a smooth white liquid used for restoring colour on smooth leathers. The liquid leaves a thin white coating over the leather refreshing the colour. It is important that the area is clean before application because dirt can cause the liquid to appear muddy.


Protecting your shoes helps prevent the material from becoming stained during wet weather and helps to retain the colour. We used Woly 3X3 spray.

Woly 3X3 spray creates a barrier between the fabric and the elements. Stopping water and dirt from working their way deep into the material. Woly 3X3 spray also makes maintaining and cleaning your shoes easier.

spray your shoes from about 20cm giving a good even coverage. For the first application repeat the process 2 more times, then apply one coat every 10-14 days.

Finishing Touches

To finish we used contrasting flat gold lurex laces, giving our sneakers some individuality and finishing the sneakers.

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