How to make shoe soles white again – Famaco Universal Cleaner

Well, the summer is in full swing, it hasn’t rained for nearly 3 weeks now (this is England, how is this happening!?) but no matter what the weather, your white soles just seem to get dirty! Looking down at your feet and thinking “yeah, I should really get round to cleaning those” so you came online to find a way to clean them, right? Well, welcome – you’ve came to the right place!

We’ve created this blog post to guide you through the process of cleaning your white shoe soles. This process if perfect for absolutely any white sole, it doesn’t just have to be the sponge type like the one in the video. In fact, the process we are going to use and the products are perfect for absolutely any coloured sole!

We’re giving you the choice to either watch our video or read this blog post, both are below:



  1. The first thing you want to do is set aside some space for you to clean your shoes. Using the products doesn’t make a huge amount of mess, but it’s worth putting down a sheet of newspaper as the cleaner we’re going to be using can be quite strong! It’s also worth mentioning that the area that you’ll be using to clean your shoes should be well ventilated.
  2. Give your shoes a quick visual inspection, make sure there’s no large clumps of mud that will make a mess of your kitchen or dining room floor! If you do spot any dirt, brush it off or use a specific cleaning product.
  3. Once you’re happy all of the loose dirt has been brushed off your shoes, your next step is to grab your trusty sponge and put some of the universal cleaner onto the sponge. A little goes a very long way, so for the first time just be careful you don’t soak the sponge. It’s a waste of your product and it won’t clean the shoe any better.
  4. Start rubbing the product onto the sides of the sole. The reason for this is they are usually cleaner than the bottom of the shoe, meaning you won’t spread dirt around. You should start seeing a cleaner result in 5-10 seconds as you move the dirt and it soaks into the sponge.
  5. Keep going! Once you have finished the sides, move onto the bottom of the shoe until you’re happy that you’ve cleaned the whole sole, which is now icy white like it was when brand new.
  6. Leave your shoes to dry for 15-20 minutes in a well ventilated area before wearing.

Yup, it’s as easy as that!



Below are the products we’ve used in this tutorial. They are available to purchase from our shop, simply click on the photos or the links. Need some extra help or advice on cleaning your shoes? Feel free to email us:


Famaco Universal Cleaner – £7.60 (absolutely amazing cleaning just about every surface of your shoe)


Woly Combi Sponge – £1.20 (a really durable sponge, soaks in the dirt and easy to clean)

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