How to choose the right size replacement shoelaces


This is just a short blog post telling you how to find replacement shoelaces for any shoes!

We’ve made a video on how to do this, but also below is the written content of how to find replacement laces:

There’s quite a few reasons why you’d want to change your laces, but the main reasons would be because you want to change the colour, change the style or quite simply you’ve worn/broken your old ones. Sound familiar? Read on if you want to find the solution to the problem!

Finding a direct replacement for laces can be next to impossible because manufacturers don’t like to sell their laces individually, they like to entice you into buying a new pair of shoes, which isn’t always the best when all you’re after is a simple pair of laces!

But wait, before you jump in and decide which laces to go for next, you need to decide whether you’re happy with your laces as they are. Are they too short? Are they too long? Aftermarket laces come in a multiple amount of lengths, widths and styles, so knowing exactly what you want from the lace is an important step before you make your purchase.

Once you have an idea of what you’re after (e.g, “I really like my current white laces, but I feel they are too long”, so your hunt is on for some white laces which are slightly shorter!). Now comes the fun part, removing your current shoe laces from your shoe.

Armed with your old shoe lace and a trusty ruler or tape measure in hand, you need to measure your current laces. Top tip: laces are quite long so I like to fold them in half, measure the length and then simply double it to give you your full length – pretty smart, huh?

Now that you’ve got a note of what size your lace is, you need to choose which type of shoe lace you want. We stock hundreds of different laces in various sizes and styles, but here’s a few of our favourite laces for trainers:


Also, here’s a link to our full range of shoe laces: here





shoelaces for trainers

Something bright for the summer!

Something a little darker for the winter?

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