Worksite Boot Jack Black Heavy Duty

Worksite Boot Jack Black Heavy Duty


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W9009 Worksite Boot Jack Black Heavy Duty 1 £8.10


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The Work Site boot jack is a solid plastic boot jack with easy clean removable rubber sleeves. Great to have at home or on site, get your work boots off easily and efficiently without dirtying your hands in the process!

Who can use Work Site boot jack?

- Great to have on the worksite for workers to remove their boots and shoes before leaving
- Keep at your front door to take off your shoes without making a mess of the house or your hands 
- At the stables; take off your riding boots with ease 
- Keep in the boot of your car to take off your dirty boots before getting back into the car 
- Great for those with limited manual dexterity where taking off tight boots can be troublesome

Instructions for using Work Site boot jack  

- Place one foot in the U shaped part of the boot jack
- Step on the back of the boot jack with the other foot 
- Pull the heel of your foot up and out of the boot which is in the boot jack 
- Repeat with the other foot 

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