Woly Universal Cleaner

Woly Universal Cleaner


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Woly Universal Cleaner 75ml liquid (sponge top)

Special cleaning agent for all leather, synthetic and textile shoes in all colours.

 The benefits of using Woly Universal Cleaner:

- Smooth Application - no mess or fuss
- Can be used on any leather, suede or fabric - not just footwear! 
- Brilliant for boots, bags, seats and more
- Highly effective and long-lasting

How to use Woly Universal Cleaner

- Use with a sponge or small cleaning brush for stubborn mark areas
- Rub around the dirt areas
- After cleaning polish or restore the vibrance of the original finish of the material with a suitable Woly product
- With a finishing brush or a soft polishing cloth, you can now buff to a stunning high shine!

- Always protect with Protector 3x3 to create an invisible barrier from dirt and water

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