Woly Suede Velour Gum

Woly Suede Velour Gum


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Woly Universal Gum is a special stain removing block to be used on all leathers, suede, patent and textiles! Universal Gum is highly versatile meaning you can use it on footwear and accessories.

The benefits of using Woly Universal Gum

There are many benefits of using Woly Universal Gum, some of which we have listed below:
- Removes stains from Suede, Nubuck, Patent and Textiles
- Extremely Versatile
- Small and easy to keep in handbag or car for on the go use!
- Easy to use and highly effective

How to apply Woly Universal Gum

- In small strokes, tease the stain with the Universal Gum.
- Use Woly Gum almost like you would an eraser, until you can see the scuff/stain lift from the material.
- Be mindful to not overuse.

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