Woly Kit Collectors Box Filled

Woly Kit Collectors Box Filled


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Woly Shoe Care Collectors Tin

Woly classic collectors shoe care kit, With two high quality Woly shoe polishes, two application brushes, a polishing cloth and a large, luxury horsehair polishing brush all supplied in a stunning, limited edition collectors tin.


- Extra large super smooth horse polishing brush
- Horse hair dauber applicator x 2
- Lint free cloth

- 2 tins of polish 1x black, 1x neutral

The benefits of using Woly Polish

Quality and shine - just add to this kit box for: -

- Smooth Application - no mess or fuss
- Can be used on any leather - not just footwear! 
- Brilliant for boots, bags, seats and more
- Buff to a high shine
- Highly effective and long lasting

How to use Woly Bees Wax Polish

- When using on leather, ensure it is clean and free from dirt/dust and any other marks
- With a cloth, rub gently into the hard wax and in small circular motions work into the leather with a little water.
- Making sure you are not using too much, make sure the material has a fine coating and leave for 5 minutes to dry
- With a finishing brush or a soft polishing cloth, you can now buff to a stunning high shine!

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