Woly Black Brilliant Shine

Woly Black Brilliant Shine


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-      Woly Brilliant Shine Liquid

Woly Brilliant Shine Liquid is a liquid which adds high shine to smooth leathers. The easy to use bottle with applicator allows for a stress-free application, making sure the product is applied evenly.

 The benefits of using Woly Brilliant Shine Liquid

There are many benefits of using Brilliant Shine, some of which we have listed below:
- Applicator included 
- Adds an INSTANT shine with no need to polish or buff 
- Available in different colours to revive colour too
- Easy application

How to apply Woly Brilliant Shine Liquid

- Clean your chosen shoe, and leave to dry
- Simply push the applicator head against a tissue to disperse the liquid
- In small circular motions, apply the liquid to the leather
- You will see instant results so be mindful to only apply one thin coat

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