Sneaker Shaper Gents, Ladies, Kids

Sneaker Shaper Gents, Ladies, Kids


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FNU003S Kids 1 £5.78
FNU003M Ladies 1 £5.78
FNU003L Gents 1 £5.78


 Sneaker Shape Keeper - Synthetic Shoe Tree  

Sneakers lose their shape if left without shapers and in time do not resemble the shoe you purchased.  Keep your Sneakers in tip top condition with regular care.

Shoe tree comes in 3 different sizes Gente, Ladies and Kids and press action former moulds to a variety of shoe sizes.

Place into the shoe easily, the plastic former contracts when placing in the shoe and expands to fit the space, lightweight for storage. Stop your shoes from creasing or drooping during storage and keep their new shape for their lifespan.

Further Information   

- Use the spring to fold the shoe tree slightly to get it into the shoe 
- Ensure shoe trees are comfortably placed in the shoe and the front mould takes up the front of the shoe as fully as possible  
- Store shoes in their usual way and keep shoe trees inserted whenever they are not being worn 
- Made of plastic for lightweight storage 


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