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Kiwi Sneaker Deo


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Do you suffer from foot odour or excessive foot perspiration Or simply want to kill bacteria? Kiwi Sneaker Deo has been designed to target the 'sometimes embarrassing' subject of smelly feet. Shoe Deo is a simple, innovatively designed Shoe deodorant to stop this from happening and leave your feet smelling and feeling great!

The benefits of using Kiwi Shoe Deo Fresh:

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Kiwi Shoe Deo Fresh:
- Easy to use pump action spray
- Fresh Scent
- Long lasting scent
- Eliminates bacteria
- Suitable for all shoes and textiles
- Leaves feet smelling and feeling fresh
- No more smelly shoes!!

How to apply Kiwi Shoe Deo Fresh:

- Before wearing your shoes, simply open the can and press down into your shoes.
The new design can will mean that no part of your shoe is missed and will enable an even fresher and longer lasting scent.
- Spray once for roughly 3 seconds
- Leave for a couple of minutes then away you go!

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