Silver Brand Paste Shoe Polish 50ml

Silver Brand Paste Shoe Polish 50ml


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S1490-02 Silver Brown Shoe Polish 50ml Supolb 1 £2.63
S1490-01 Silver Black Shoe Polish 50ml Supola 1 £2.63
S1490-03 Silver Neutral Shoe Polish 50ml 1 £2.63


Silver Polish 40ml  

Silver shoe polish gives a brilliant and durable shine without breaking the bank. With it's environmentally friendly formula, it is water based with carnauba wax to provide great results while covering scuffs. 

The benefits of using Silver Polish

There are many benefits of using Silver Shoe Polish, some of which we have listed below:

- Enables you to buff to an incredible, high shine
- Available in different colours to compliment the leather you have
- Prolongs the life of your shoes by providing some waterproofing in the wax finish
- Gives a great shine and finish to your leather giving them that box fresh feel 

How to apply Silver Shoe Polish 

- Once you have cleaned and renovated your desired footwear, now you are ready to use Woly Polish
- Leave the first layer to dry before applying another
- When ready, its time for some elbow grease to create that shine!
- Add a drop of water to your polishing cloth and in quick sliding movements, buff until desired shine is achieved

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