Silver Protector Spray 200 Ml

Silver Protector Spray 200 Ml


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Silver Protector Spray 200ml  

Silver Protector spray is a universal water proofer against rain and stains. The invisible protection can be used on all colours of leather, suede, Nubuck and fabric surfaces against water rain and snow.  

The benefits of using Silver protector spray 

There are many benefits of using Silver protector spray, some of which we have listed below:

- Suitable for boots, shoes, coats and handbags and provides long-term protection
- Protects against penetration of rain water, and salt marks caused by walking in the snow  
- Prolongs the life of your shoes by preventing rotting of stitching or water damage to the material 
- Protects against oil based stains
- Great for re-waterproofing outdoor wear which has lost it's original waterproofing treatment  

How to apply Woly Shoe Polish 

- Clean the material to ensure any dirt, dust or grease has been removed
- For the first application, the material will require 3 applications followed by weekly single applications
- Spray the product evenly onto the material from a distance of 20cm, do not saturate the material
- Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes

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